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・About NMA laboratory

The Laboratory of Nano-Micro Materials Analysis (NMA) is an open facility, including advanced tools for quick and precise analysis of the composition and microstructure in nanometer - micrometer scale to materials related to green technology and life innovation. In NMA laboratory, we can use advanced facilities; Electron Probe Micro-analyzer (EPMA), Dual beam Focused Ion Beam fabricator (FIB), Field Emission Scanning Microscope (FE-SEM), Conventional Transmission Microscope (CTEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscope (EDS), Electron Back Scatter Diffraction (EBSD), Florescence X-ray Spectroscope (FXS) and other specimen preparation tools. Especially three dimensional analyses, its visualization system and specimen handling system under inert gas environment are very unique points. NMA laboratory provides advanced analysis methods for materials research for new energy, environment, nanotechnology and life sciences, and also it aims to build a practiced support system for both research and equipment maintenance. We welcome for users from both in and outside the university.

What's New

About equipment application in 2015

We will announce “the General guidance of facilities in 2015” and “Nanotechnology Platform program in 2015” as soon as the schedule can be decided.
If you use this facility for the first time, please contact us and attend the handing lecture.

FIB-SEM maintenance work

We are going to maintain FIB-SEM (JEOL JIB-4600F/HKD) from April 13 to 20.
Please note that the period may be extended up to progress.

About equipment availability in this year-end and New Year h...

Notice to users for equipment availability in this year-end and New Year holidays. Please note the limitations on each machine during the long holiday period (nine days). For inquiry about utilizing equipment during the period, please contact the facility staff.
2014-2015 equipment availability(update Dec.25.2014)

Microlaser Raman Spectroscope is open.

Microlaser Raman Spectroscope(HORIBA LabRam 1B)is open for general users. Please contact us if you want to use.

Grants-in-Aid for traial user by MEXT Nanotechnology Platfor...

To researchers and engineers, “Grants-in-Aid for traial user” will be open. In this program we can use advanced research facilities belong in NTP.

Recruitment of Student training program by MEXT Nanotechnolo...

To educate researchers and engineers of next generation, “student training program” will be open for students of universities, graduated schools and technical colleges. In this program we can use advanced research facilities belong in NTP.
Deadline for the application: May 30, 2014
Student training program